What Is The Most Watched College Football Rivalry Game

When it comes to college football, there are dozens of rivalry games held each season. Some of these games have serious bowl game repercussions, while others are simply games featuring teams from schools that don’t really like each other. Rivalries are one of the great aspects of college football, but there is one rivalry game that tends to draw more attention than any other. It is so big, it is simply called “The Game.” It’s Michigan versus Ohio State. Read the rest of this entry »

What College Running back Has The Best Stats

In college football, running backs have found a way to pile up their stats to be considered elite players, but only one player has the best stats of all time and that is Ricky Williams.

During his career as a Texas Longhorn, Ricky Williams had not only the second most rushing yards of all time, but also more rushing touchdowns than any player in the history of college football. His 6,592 yards rushing were only bested by Wisconsin’s Ron Dayne, Read the rest of this entry »

What Are The Top College Football Games In October

Some of the biggest games of the college football season are played in October. Below are three of the games that could impact the national championship picture:

  • Florida Gators at LSU Tigers

The Gators head to LSU for this annual slugfest. Last season’s game saw the Gators come away with a 14-6 victory. Both teams should be ranked by the time they meet, with the winner placing themselves squarely into the hunt for the BCS National Championship game.

  • Oklahoma Sooners at Texas Longhorns

The rivalry continues Read the rest of this entry »

Atlantic Coast Conference Football Predictions For 2012

The football championship in the Atlantic Coast Conference is seemingly always up for grabs. Though the conference has not sent a representative to the BCS title game in more than a decade, the ACC has offered some quality football that shows that any team in the conference can win on any given Saturday. However, a football power from the past could come to dominate the balanced conference in 2012.

The Florida State Seminoles last won a national championship in 1999, but the team is poised to make a run for the top of the polls this season. The Seminoles are already Read the rest of this entry »

College Football Coaches That May Be Fired In 2012

Every year at this time when the college football season is relatively young, thoughts begin to turn to those coaches who are on the hot seat. Some are listed because they have had a bad start to the year versus the expectations of the program.

Others are on the list because they have been unable to turn their team around. And there will be a coach who will probably say or do something incredibly dumb or insensitive and get fired. Remember Bobby Petrino?

One name that Read the rest of this entry »

What SEC Team Has The Best Pass Defense

Not only do the Florida Gators have the best pass defense in the SEC, but they may have the best overall defense as well. They have made great strides in the offseason to improve on their 8th ranked defense of 2011. The Gators have fixed many of the problems that were plaguing their defense last season. They have drastically improved the pressure from their defensive lineman and linebackers, hurrying the quarterback much more than they were. This increased pressure leads Read the rest of this entry »

Who Is Favored To Win The 2012 Heisman Trophy

USC’s Matt Barkley was perhaps the unspoken leader during the initial opening weeks, but the Trojans’ loss to archrival Stanford took some of the lustre from the senior signal-caller’s chances. However, USC’s national schedule and reputation keeps him in the spotlight. West Virginia’s talented QB Geno Smith is ranked as the top candidate in several Heisman Watch polls, and barring injury or poor performance, Smith’s similarity to recent winners Cam Newton and RGIII can only help his chances.

South Carolina’s star RB Marcus Lattimore plays in an elite conference (the SEC) and goes up Read the rest of this entry »

College Football News and Notes For Week 5

When fall begins to take over summer’s presence, there is one thing that is known for sure, college football is around the corner as well. College football has now hit the fifth week of play. There have been many surprising games, along with those that could have been called weeks before the game even started. One surprise for many this week has been that of the Notre Dame and the University of Michigan rivalry. These teams have played over 40 games against each other. Both sides Read the rest of this entry »